Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the prime purpose of creation? – Paramarth Niketan, Rishikesh – Divine Discourse Summary – December 4, 2018

If God becomes the programme of our lives, the purpose of our lives, the be-all and end-all of our lives, there is nothing else to do in life. It was God’s wish that the human being should be created in His own image and therefore, the separation was done from God to human so that God could love the humans and human beings could love God. Like a mother gives birth to a child out of her own self, she separates the puppies of herself from herself only to love herself in another form. That is how the child was born and the mother was born too. That is how a devotee was born and God was born too. And since then this love story between God and devotee is going on and on and on endlessly.

If God really becomes the programme of yours, you are a Mokshaprapti, you get Moksha, you become a Jivanamukta. Nothing else binds you. Everything revolves around God, Why I wake up? So that I can love God. Why do I eat? So that I sustain myself, I can serve God. Why do I dress up? So that when God looks at me, He feels happy. Why do I go about doing whatever I am doing? So that in all these ways, in some form or the other, I can serve God and be with God and love God. Loving God is the prime purpose of this creation – God loving man and man loving God. That is the basis of this creation. We keep spending births after births. You come, spend time. You go, come back another form, we spend time again. You go, we come back in another form. That is all this love story between God and man that this creation is.

This is where God has been worshipped for thousands of years. Because so many devotees have prayed, loved, meditated, thought about God so strongly that the energy of all their collective prayers energises the place. That is why these temples, these Ashrams, when you enter that, you feel that power, you feel the energy, you feel the purity. That is very important. Meditation is a must. You must put efforts. It is not a holiday. We go back, some transformation should happen within us. We go back as better people, purer people, kinder people, more compassionate people. Little bit of magnetism should rub on to you before you go back so that you yourself become magnet and that magnet can change many more iron filings which are wasting away outside and they get attracted to God. That is the greatest Seva you can do. Bring people on to this path of God. They will thank you forever. That is the Seva I expect devotees to do.