Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the proper way to bring up children? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 06, 2018

In this world, compared to all forms of love, mother’s affection is indescribable and highest. Such a mother, all of us should look after her with love. We should also protect her with gratitude. There are a lot of children, after they grow up, they ignore their parents and put them in the old-age homes; they think that their duty is over just by paying a little fees to the old-age home. Children ignoring their parents when they most need their children and just placing them in the old-age homes and thinking that we have completed our responsibilities, is a tragedy.

What children need is mothers’ love. Even if we may earn little less money, but our love for our children should not be less. Only with love, parents can mould their children well. As mothers, your first duty is to look after the children with love. Only then those children will grow up as good citizens of the country. The conduct and the qualities and the character of children depends mostly on their parents. These days’ parents pray that their children become great but nobody prays that they should become good. But what we have to aspire for is to become good. Mothers should be selfless. If we bring up our children with selfless love will they not look after us later with selfless love? When you cultivate lot of materialistic desires in children, naturally they become very materialistic and ignore the parents. Whatever kind of love you shower on your children, that is what will come back to you from them.

With selfless love when parents bring up their children as devotees of God, when the parents grow old, the children will look them with reverence and love. We need to develop the feeling that it is our Dharma, it is our duty, it is our responsibility to bring up our children in the right way. For children, what is most important is gratitude towards their parents. It is necessary we cultivate that gratitude. At the same time, parents should also have many selfless feelings. They should also pray that their son or daughter should be a good person. Anybody helps us even a little bit, we should be grateful to them. We should never forget the help done by others. We should forget the help that we do to others. But at the same time, whatever little help we get from others, we should continue to be grateful to them always. You may not be able to build hospitals or schools or establish water projects but to the extent possible, all of you should serve your parents and serve the society and find fulfillment.