Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the purpose of all our trusts being set up and their activities? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 17, 2017

If any society has to develop into a prosperous, peaceful, happy and secure society, three things are very important. The first is love for God, second is fear of sin and the third is morality in society. It is not possible to bring in morality through external force. If you want to bring in morality in society through inner source, that is possible. What is this inner source? That is love for God. When you love God and recognise that God resides in everyone, you are not going to hurt anyone, we are not going to harm anyone.

In today’s society, the most important thing that we have to do is to sow the seeds of devotion love for God. Devotion is very important. When you have devotion, you will gain intelligence, you will gain strength and ultimately you will gain liberation also. When God gives us everything that we require and we need, naturally there will emerge in our hearts a spontaneous love for God. When our volunteers go to the corners of the country and feed the children, give them breakfast, the children will develop a feeling that God Himself is coming to them in the form of these volunteers. When you look at the Atmic relationship you can easily find out that there is a relationship which is lasting, which is permanent and which is divine. It is very necessary we keep very securely in our hearts the feeling that God is looking after us. When you develop that kind of faith, the children will learn it from you. Then love for God will emerge in the hearts of the children. We should know that we are doing it so that the children develop love for God, not for the volunteers or for the Trust. Only then our service will find fulfilment. When you develop love for God, automatically fear of sin will come there. When individuals develop fear of sin, there will be naturally morality in society.

With noble feelings, a broad mind when we feed these children, the children also develop love for God and that is our purpose. All the trusts are established and all the activities of service we are taking up only with the purpose of developing love for God. You may achieve anything and if you don’t have love for God, everything is a waste. Hunger does not distinguish between the poor pauper and the rich. And even in the service that we render through this Annapoorna Trust, we should not make any difference. With broad-mindedness that everyone belongs to us, with love we have to serve everyone.