Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the purpose of education? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 01,2017

What is the purpose of education?

From the beginning, it was known that man is truly Divine. You are all born pure as the rain drop, which comes from the sky. But if the rain drop falls on dirty soil, it becomes dirty too. So, what are we doing here in these institutions? First, we do not want the rain drop to fall in the wrong place; we want it to fall in the right place so that it remains pure. Second, even if there is an impurity in the rain drop, we are here to purify it, to make it fit again for all purposes. These institutions are comparable to water purifiers, which are removing all the impurities and giving pure drinking water. So, what is this impurity that makes you unfit? It is selfishness, which is the cause of all impurities in an otherwise purely born child. From this selfishness is born all other negative qualities such as greed, anger, jealousy and the rest. Because of such desires, which are born out of selfishness, the pure child becomes impure with time.

So, should we not have any desires? “A good name for myself, my parents and institutions,” is it a bad desire to have? “Once I grow up, I must become capable, I must earn well, I must be able to look after my family.” Is it a bad desire?  No, as long as you are doing things for the sake of service to others. “I must study well so that I grow up, become a capable member of the society and with that knowledge and skills serve ten others.” Such a desire will not cause pollution; it will only lead to purification. 

Children have a heart, which is pure. So, it is very easy for them to grasp God because God is also like child – very pure and innocent. Faith is natural to children. I will give a small example. When you were born, you did not know, this is your mother. Mother told “I am your mother,” and you believed her. Then mother said, “This is your father.” You believed her. When I tell you “God exists, God is there to look after you,” I know that you will believe that. For those who have faith and belief in Me only to them I reveal Myself.” If you develop faith, if you develop this feeling, you will definitely experience God at all times, everywhere. Therefore, this is very natural to the children. When such a drop falls in the hands of good teachers, good parents in the society, they are definitely going to remain pure. 

The aim or desire for your education should be born out of selflessness that through this education, I must develop skills with which I can serve the society better. Therefore, study with this sole aim that you must study well to serve well. Whatever you become tomorrow – doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists or anything else – keep serving others as the goal of the education.