Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the recipe for a better world? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 25, 2018

If you do good, you will not receive bad in return. If you do wrong things, you are not going to get right results. This law of action and reaction is as valid in the world of metaphysics as it is in the field of physics. Some reactions are instant, some are little delayed whereas some are very much delayed so much so that we don’t even remember for what are we reaping these consequences. This applies to both, the good as well as the wrong actions. This Indian philosophy of spirituality is founded on this very principle of Karma and Pratikriya that is action and its consequences. The law of Karma has given rise to the law of reincarnation and these are both inseparable. Somebody who has done good and hasn’t experienced in this life for whatever reason must come back again to experience it. 

Keep doing good day and night. Always remember what is real, what is unreal, what is good, what is not good, what is right, what is not right, always discriminate and do things in order to save yourselves from the wrong actions and their terrible consequences. In order to do that, one needs tremendous devotion. The one who is always self-disciplined, self-dependent, who is always absorbed in this feeling of love for God, will never do things wrong; he will always be following only the right path because that is the only way he can please God who loves good. Because love for God has reduced and because of fear of sin also has disappeared, that is why there is so much of unrest and disharmony in the world because people are not afraid of doing wrong things even at the cost of harming or hurting others. Papa bhiti, Daiva priti, Sangha niti, these are the three things that are required to have a better world. Daiva priti is the root, devotion to God is the root. Papa bhiti is the trunk of the tree which is fear of sin. And the branches are Sangha niti, morality in society.

The effort here is to make children understand that all good qualities emanate, all good things happen, all the right things are possible to be done only if we have devotion to God and we therefore do right all the time. The most important work that Avatar wants to do is to install Himself that is install God in the hearts of people. That is the most important work for which God descends, to install Himself in the hearts of men and women. Because once He installs Himself in the hearts of men and women, all the other things automatically happen. Lord keeps coming again and again in every Yuga, in every eon, He keeps coming to help human beings learn this and develop devotion, develop goodness.