Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the relationship between education and society? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 07, 2017

If peace has vanished from the face of the earth, if men are getting more and more terrified by the weapons that they themselves have made, if integrity is disappearing from mankind, the root cause for all this is the selfishness of human beings. Led by the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, which gives rise to selfishness, men have been leading absolutely meaningless lives. When man thinks that he is only the body and doesn’t control his mind and senses, and is constantly struggling to enjoy the worldly pleasures, there is no way he can be selfless. You look at any country, and you will see lot of problems, miseries and sorrow. That too specifically in young men and young women. Driven by their craving for sensual pleasures and increasing selfishness, their misery is mounting. If any of their flimsy desires are not fulfilled, they get depressed and finally, many of them end their lives. All this is happening because the right kind of education is not being imparted to children.

Only when you get rid of selfishness and develop selfless love for everyone, an individual can get peace and eventually, the world will too. When you purchase education, you are prone to selling education. But when you get free education, you naturally develop some kind of gratitude towards society. Why have we introduced free education in our institutions? We want to utilise this – hard-earned money, which is given by men and women of sacrifice for educating poor and backward children to help them get a good life. Doing so, these children will develop a sense of gratitude towards the society.  And since they know that they have got free education, they will also develop a desire to utilise all their energy and time for serving society. It is an inseparable cycle of relation between society and education: society helps educate you and after having got the education, you serve the society. Thus, when we serve each other, it will become possible to establish peace in society. 

Many of our teachers, who are Tyagajeevis – men and women of sacrifice – are ready to go to any nook and corner of Karnataka, especially in the rural areas and grant this kind of education to children.  On the other hand, men and women who are ardent devotees of Swami from many countries sacrifice their hard-earned money and hand it over for this kind of educational transformation here in India. When somebody helps us, we should move forward with the motivation that we should also help others. Only when our students offer this kind of selfless service, our educational institutions and this kind of educational system will find fulfilment. Good teachers plus good students is equal to good education. There is nothing higher than becoming teachers and imparting the right kind of education.

On first of June, we are going to start the construction of the girls pre-university college near Hyderabad. On second of June, in our Gulbarga campus, we are going to lay the foundation for starting of a new private university. On third of June, we are going to our Bijapur campus in order to inaugurate the new hostel for students. On fourth of June, we are going to inaugurate a new campus for girls in the district of Gadag. On seventh of June, in the district of Chikkaballapur, we are going to start both pre- university college and first year college for girls. It is My will that we build many such institutions and grant this kind of education to boys and girls without any differentiation to anyone. Without any difference of caste, creed, religion or nationality, we should keep serving everyone.