What is the relationship between the mind and matter? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 3 July 2016

Today man is able to step on the moon, swim like a fish in water, fly like a bird in the sky but he is unable to conquer his own mind. You may become a great scholar in all subjects and win over the audience in a congregation but conquering one’s own mind is impossible.

The whole world depends on our mind. There is an inseparable relationship between the mind and matter. The mind itself gets converted into matter and matter again gets back into the mind. In the whole universe, energy moves around in the form of the mind. In fact, mind and energy are one and the same. When energy is transformed into matter, we see this universe, which is made up of the five elements. Matter will have a form but energy has no form. Whether you investigate it through science or experience it through spirituality, you know that energy has neither birth nor death. Energy may get transformed into different forms but it is neither born nor does it die.

This world, which is made up of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space, gets transformed into energy in the form of food. The journey starts with space, which gets transformed into wind, wind gets transformed into fire, fire into water, water into earth, earth into food because of plants, and from food arises human beings. Therefore, matter – the human body – arises originally from space, which is a kind of energy. First, it is space, which is formless and finally it becomes the human body, which has a form. When the body dies, it disintegrates and merges into the five elements and becomes energy again. This energy and matter get transformed into one another. When you recognise this truth, you will be able to understand the secret of Creation. Since everything emerges from space, there is space in everything in the universe.

The whole universe has emerged from divinity, which is originally formless and attribute less. Divinity can be equated with space. Divinity does not have any form, name or attributes. But divinity manifests itself in many names and forms. The body is temporary and transient whereas divinity (space), the atmic principle is eternal. The basis of the atmic principle is nothing but energy. It is parartha, which is divinity. It gets transformed into matter and we find that as our human bodies. You may feel different and have different names and forms but if you enquire deeply within yourselves, you will find that every person has the same principle of formless space.

The same Creator is addressed by different people with different names such as Ishwara, Zoroaster or Jesus or Allah but it is the same God. And it is the same formless God who has no attributes, who gets transformed into matter and appears as this universe. If you want to understand this truth, your mind should not always go outward; you should make the mind go inward. Only when we control our senses and mind, turn the mind inward, can recognise our own divinity.

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