Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the secret of success? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 19, 2020

Whatever we do, do it for God. That itself is spirituality. When we do it for selfish reasons, it becomes worldly. The same act when we do it for the Divine, it becomes spirituality. You do anything for the sake of God, it becomes perfect. Excellence in action, perfection in action is Yoga, they say. Spirituality is very simple. Spirituality is doing everything for the sake of God. If you think whatever you are doing, you are doing for the sake of God, God will also become happy, work will become perfect and all the other things will come by and by. See, this is the secret of success. If we do everything for the sake of God, only to please God, all the work that we do will become perfect.

When God is there, the world is the shadow. If God is there with you, the world will follow you wherever you go. All the worldly achievements – name, fame, success, everything will follow you. Whatever we do, we should do it well. If we study, let us study well, let us sing well. Even if you are eating food, you are saying Brahmarpanam, it is reaching God, so eat well. You rest; this body is the temple of God, it needs rest, take rest. Everything that you do, do it for God’s sake. That is all is the message I want to tell you. Our children are growing well in our institutions, our elders, teachers – they sacrifice much for the sake of giving whatever is required for the children. And this is the reason why because all of them do whatever they do to please Swami, these institutions are growing day after day.

My limitation is not Me. My limitation is you. If I have more of you, I can do more of My work. If I have less of you, I can only do less of My work. It is you decides how much of My work will be done in the future. Even if I want to do so much for the world, I can do only as much as you allow Me to do through you. So you be pure, hollow instruments of God without any ego, without any attachments, lead your lives selflessly with the only motive to please God with whatever you do, then God will manifest through you. If Swami can choose one body and do so much, if He chooses everybody over here, how much He can do. So, we have to be like that, offer ourselves selflessly and definitely the world, no child in the world will suffer. Take upon yourself this great mighty task of redeeming the world of all the problems by helping the children first. And that I believe, and I trust that all of you will do when your time comes.