Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the shortest path to God? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 12, 2019

All are born out of God in the purest of the pure form. But the moment they interact with the world, they acquire certain impurities which are related to the world and that is how they become impure – the ego, the attachments starts developing and it renders the purest of this Jivatma, impure. These institutions are like that Ganga Nadi where you all have come and because of the association with these institutions, you also have become pure and blessed. Next year we are building five institutions for girls. Our students from university are graduating next year, they are going to look after these new girls’ institutions. They went to Gadag for four days as a part of their training to understand how a school is run.

They have learnt how to cook food. You know how to cook food not for one or two or three people, for 300 people also if you are able to cook well, then you have learnt well and you can look after the institution – first test you cleared. This is practical knowledge. Then they spent time with the children. Some girl has a father; she does not have a mother. Somebody has a mother; does not have a father. Some children don’t have father and mother both. Such kind of children are studying there and doing so well. That totally changed their perspective of this education system. They understood that this is not just another educational system. This educational system is saving so many lives, is supporting so many lives. This is special. That is the understanding with which they came back. So, they cleared the second test also, that they understood the importance of this education, these institutions. Then they also took classes for them. With so much of interest, children wanted to learn that they learnt that how one has to teach because children are so eager to learn, so they should also have good knowledge of the subject to teach the children.

To love everyone is truly being God. And the one who loves everyone, he cannot but serve everyone because love is service. Therefore, if you want to realise your own Divinity, the shortest path is to love and to translate all that love into service. Simply love everyone and serve everyone. You will become so pure that you will become God by these various acts. Only a purest of the heart can know God. Nobody else can know. Therefore, purifying one’s heart through love and service is the shortest and surest path to God. Just having a pure heart is enough and important. These institutions are nothing but these opportunities to become God, to reach God. Don’t complicate your lives with too many theories, too many philosophies. It is not necessary. It is good to read, good to know. But it is not necessary.