Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the soul of India? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 31, 2017

What is not in Bharata or in this country of India is not there anywhere in the world. Whether you look at it from the geographical point of view, whether you look at it from the culture point of view, from the diversity of religions, all of it that is available in the world is also there in India. How is it that India still stands as one country? Because the very basis of this culture, of this country is Divinity, is spirituality, is devotion which is eternal, which is Sanatana in its nature and therefore, the country that stands on such a foundation which is eternal also remains eternal. Till there is God in this country, till people revel in the glory of God, till they have love and devotion to God, this country will live. The Indians have worshipped God in the form and in the formless aspect since time immemorial without any distinction.

It is this culture which has proclaimed to the whole world that there is only one God who has become many: Ekoham bahusyam. It is this culture which has taught the whole of the world that there is only one and not two; this is the one which is being called by scholars in different names but it does not become different that way. There is only one Truth – the scholars call it by different names. People are forgetting God and chasing illusions in the world.

If this trend in education and all other pursuits continue, the day won’t be far when India’s very foundation will find cracks. A society bereft of devotion to God will merely be animalistic or even worse, demonic. In order to ensure that such a day does not befall the fate of this country which has been there standing tall with its glory of God, such education institutions which impart Apara vidya and more importantly Para vidya are need of the hour.

Who is going to protect the very soul of this country? Who is going to protect this very soul, this very life force of this country which is devotion to God, which is faith in God is the question that all people should put to themselves.

These educational institutions are not merely schools and colleges imparting worldly knowledge but these are truly training grounds for preparing the soldiers that will save, that will protect, that will always be there to protect the very soul of this country, the culture of devotion to God. (Students should) become strong enough to face the temptations of this world, not to sway from this path of this Dharma of this culture, and be strong enough to face and brave all kinds of unwanted unnecessary polluted or contaminated thoughts words and actions that may make you go away from this righteous path.