Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the source of happiness? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 1, 2018

Man is eternally in search of supreme peace. Without knowing where is this peace available in its true form – that peace which will remain eternal, which is of the highest kind, which will not go once it comes – man unaware runs hither thither to gain it. Nitya shuddha buddha mukta nirmala svarupinam – this is the quality of that peace which when comes, never leaves. Such a peace that is eternal, that is all aware, full of Prajnana, that is pure without any blemishness which is free, which is of the unmaligned kind, completely uncontaminated, sublime, such is the peace that once it comes, never leaves. 

Peace is the supreme nature of every being. It is one’s birthright and nobody should be able to take it away from you. It is man himself who is the cause of destruction of his own peace. It is his own ego, it is his own attachments which do not allow himself to be at peace.  Such a person who dwells in the supreme unchangeable divine peace, even if everything is falling apart around him, will still remain in peace. Such a person who is so full of attachment and ego will not find peace within and will not find peace without; he, in fact, would also be the reason for the destruction of the peace of others who are around. Such a person who is pure, who is aware, who is free from all kinds of bondages and attachments, who is always dwelling in this state of changeless peace will bring peace to all others also who are around.   

The world is designed in such a way that at one point of time, if you experience gain, another point of time, you must experience a loss; if at one point of time you experience pleasure, at another point in time you will experience pain. This is the duality with which this world has been created. This changing world will bring changing emotions to those who are dependent on this world. But the one who depends on one’s own self, who depends on the Divinity, and has that confidence in one’s own Divinity, will not be affected by the changing world outside. We must pray that the whole world should be happy but we must also teach the world how to be happy. There is no greater happiness than being at peace all the time. Therefore, only when you learn how to be at peace, which is by removing the ‘I’, by removing the ‘want’, then you can really have happiness in your life, you can remain happy all the time. Let us pledge to become more selfless, more detached and thereby develop the peace within that comes and stays and does not go and also helps others stay at peace and enjoy this happiness.