Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the spirit of Christmas? – Divine Discourse Summary – Christmas Celebrations – December 25, 2019

One person’s birth has brought joy, happiness, peace, solace, hope to so many, many people in the world. That is how one’s birth should be. One should live in a way that it pleases God first, others next and oneself last. That is the secret of joy – Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last. This is what Christmas does to us. It makes us forget our differences, makes us forget who is rich, who is poor, who is wealthy, who is not, who is mighty, who is weak. Everybody becomes equal in the spirit of Christmas. That is the idea of Christmas that we are all equal. When we treat everyone as our own selves, everybody as equal, everybody as one, that is the message of Sai, that is the message of all the messiahs, prophets, saints and sages, Avatars that let us treat everyone as our own selves, let us love everyone equally without any differences.

We had a beautiful choir presentation yesterday sung so beautifully with great devotion, with so much of love and devotion, it touched My heart and I am sure it touched everybody’s heart too. These people sing to please God; in the process, others get pleased and they also find happiness. So, keep God first, Others next, Yourself last. Christ said, “I am the messenger of God.” Then he said, “I am the son of God.” And finally, he said, “I and my Father are one.” We are all equally the reflection of God. So that is why we should love everyone. Spirit of Christmas, oneness, should see everyone as just one. They are the reflections of the same object. They are all reflections of Divinity. With this idea we must celebrate Christmas. This is the message.

Let us strive that we practise the message of Jesus not just cut cakes and decorate halls and then distribute sweets and savouries. That is not the idea of celebrating the birth of Christ. It is to follow the teaching of Christ in everyday life and the teaching is very simple: All are one, be alike to everyone. Love everyone as your own self. God resides in all. With this message, we must celebrate Christmas. This is My message too. And I am happy that year after year, I feel this love increasing in the devotees. Every time the next Christmas arrives, I always find our devotees better than the previous year. So that gives Me great joy because that is where you are becoming like Jesus. You are already Me. What you are not like Me, remove that. Then what remains is Me. Suppose you had to do something to become Me, it was difficult. But you have to just unbecome you to become Me. It is much simple. Everybody should strive for that.