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What is the supreme quality a student should possess? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 3 June 2016

Of all the qualities that a student must possess, devotion is supreme. The power of Bhakti supersedes the power of Shakti, Yukti, Bhukti and everything else. If you look at history and the Puranas, you will see that all great beings had tremendous powers, be it Ravana, Kamsa or Duryodhana. But none of them could withstand the power of devotion of the devotees of the Lord. The power of devotion is far greater than all other powers that one can attain, be it Shakti (physical strength), Yukti (power of intelligence) or Bhukti (strength of wealth and prosperity).

In our lives, God alone is the hero; we are all the zeros. If God stands in front of you, you will have all the value. All your intelligence, powers, and everything else that you possess will attain value. But if He is not there in front of you, all that you accumulate, acquire and learn will simply be reduced to zeros – any number of zeros is equivalent to zero only.

Love arising out of faith is devotion. At this age it is very easy to develop devotion and faith for children as their hearts are pure. They are like wet clay that can be molded into any shape. But as they grow up, their minds harden and there is no way we can mold them again.

For this entire creation, there is a creator. For every child, there is a mother. For everything that you see around, there is a creator. So for the entire universe, obviously there has to be a creator. Once you develop this faith, you will have devotion or love for God. Once you develop love for God, you get His grace. Rains happen where there are trees. Likewise, where there is devotion alone, God’s grace will be felt. Develop this devotion and you will do well in everything that you take up. If you have love for God, you will do everything to please God. Where there is love, there is sacrifice. For those whom we love, we sacrifice.

When you truly love, you don’t ask, you only give. If you have true faith in God, will He not look after all your needs? Do you have to ask Him? If you love God, you have to sacrifice all your bad habits, bad thoughts, and bad tendencies to please God. I am only telling you to sacrifice all that is bad in you and take what is good. Everything that is not good, and will not please God, has to be emptied so that good things can be filled into the cup. This sacrifice must be made if you truly love God. And if you love God and you have God with you, you have everything else.

Satpravartana – good conduct, Sadbuddhi – good thoughts, good mind, good intellect, Satyanirathi – truthfulness, Bhakti – devotion, Kramashikshana – discipline, Kartavya Palana – duty – all the six qualities must come from your hearts. If you want to grow a garden, you will have to remove the weeds first. Likewise, first you have to remove the stones, thorns and weeds of selfishness, low desires and self interest so that these six qualities can grow in the garden of your heart.

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