Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is the sweetest word Swami likes to hear? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 26, 2019

This is the ultimate undisputed law that wherever Krishna and Arjuna are there, Krishna to guide and Arjuna to follow, that is where there is success, fame, abundance. This is undisputed, unchangeable law of the universe. It was valid then, it is valid now, it will be valid a thousand years also from here. You are all My students, devotees, all are the Arjunas of these times. I know you all have your own battles to fight. But at the same time, you are ready to follow what Swami says. Today is a very happy day for Me because I have heard the sweetest word that I love to hear every time. Do you know what is that word which I love to hear? “Yes.” If somebody says, “Yes, Swami,” I am the happiest. And the most painful word for Me is “No, Swami, I will not do this. I can’t do this.”

“Okay, Swami. Yes, Swami. Whatever You say, I will do.” That is the idea of devotion. Devotion does not make you think different from what God thinks. Your mind and God’s mind is one and the same. Whatever God thinks that is what you do. That is true devotion to Me. Whether good comes out of it, fame comes out of it or disrepute and losses come out of it is none of our concern because we are happy to simply follow whatever God told us to do. And the result is not important. Absolute, unconditional surrender to God’s will is devotion. 

 The very purpose of the creation was the very fact that God created you out of Himself was only to love Himself. He was there all alone, all by Himself when He felt that ‘There is nobody to know who I am, there is nobody to experience My love, let Me create you so that you can know Me and you can love Me just as I know you and I love you.’ And the whole purpose of creation was this one single thought: To know God and to love God. If something that we think, speak or do does not fit this idea of knowing and loving God, then we should stop it at once because we are simply wasting our time. The success of this mission, the single reason for its success is this implicit obedience of the devotees, the staff, the students to Swami’s message, Swami’s instruction. May your hearts expand. May your hearts become so full of love that you embrace the entire humanity as your very own. May you be always ready to follow the instructions of the Master. May you always have the courage and conviction to walk this path. May this lead to the highest welfare of all of you and through you, the highest welfare of the world.