Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What is your path to liberation? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 05, 2019

It is the actions that bind us to this world. However, only actions have the capability of liberating us also from the same world. When a doctor desires to serve the patients with selfless feelings in order to help, in order to remove their sufferings, the same actions liberates the doctor. The same doctor when he thinks treating patients is a business, it is a money-making process, for his own selfish pursuits, the same skill of being a doctor, binds him. Anything that we do when we do it out of selflessness, as a service to others, it liberates us. All that it needs is to develop this idea of selfless service in whatever you do and that itself will become your path to liberation.

When all this is done with the idea of being of use to others, being of service to others, your requirements will be looked after in the process. And when one desires to serve others selflessly, trust Me, the whole universe comes to such a person’s help. If somebody takes to this path of selfless service, whatever you require for it, will be provided by God. I am explaining all this so that our children who are here, who are listening to whatever I am saying, they don’t develop selfish desires and grow up studying only to fulfill their petty desires, they must develop a broad heart that whatever we have learnt, whatever we have developed – all skills, knowledge, abilities, talents – must be put to use in the greater idea of the service of the poor and the needy. 

Rantideva said, “I don’t want kingdom. I don’t want heaven. I don’t want liberation or another rebirth as a king. All I want is to remove the suffering of those who are in pain.” If this prayer of Rantideva becomes the prayer of every single person, every single student over here, every single devotee, the world will be heaven. That is all I am aspiring for. The best thing about both Sreenivasji, Narasimha Murthyji is that whatever Swami says, however much it sounds impossible or something that cannot be done, they still go ahead and do it. They never question whether it is possible or not, they know it is possible when Swami has decided. That kind of people with selflessness and with tremendous faith is what I want. I don’t want cowards who shiver for a little sacrifice, they start fearing. I don’t want such people. Only those who will develop this kind of fearlessness, this kind of selflessness, this kind of faith and conviction will be with Me. All others will have to go. Only such people who live with a sense of sacrifice alone will remain immortal. The rest all will be forgotten from the face of earth.