Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What kind of actions should we engage in throughout our lives? – Navaratri Celebrations (Day 7) – Divine Discourse Summary – October 16, 2018

All kinds of knowledge cannot help us attain God. All abilities, skills and talents may not be able to help us to conquer the heart of God. But a heart that is purified through constant contemplation of the Lord without any impurities of selfishness and self-interest can easily access the Lord, can easily understand the Lord and enjoy the divinity of the Lord. The scriptures say, It is only to purify one’s inner being that actions must be undertaken. What kind of Karma or actions that you undertake decides your ultimate destiny. If your actions only lead to more ego, more selfishness, more attachments then these are like giving you rust and dust and making you incapable of being attracted to God. What kind of actions will purify us so that we understand Divinity and avoid those kinds of actions which will take us away from God?” That is why it is said Our actions that are Yajna alone can ultimately redeem us from the bondage. Actions that are performed as Yajna or sacrifice alone can free us from attachments and ego.  

Yaga is nothing without Tyaga or sacrifice. It has been the way of our culture to do all actions with sacrifice. They truly qualify as Yagas. The actions performed with the sense of sacrifice, with the thought of the welfare of others in mind, they purify the mind, they make the mind eligible to understand God. Children must understand this principle of sacrifice which is embedded in our culture properly. Whatever we have, we must learn to sacrifice for the sake of others, to share with others, those who are in need more than us. With great joy and humility, we must do that. Only ‘I’ and ‘mine’ should not become the way of your life. ‘Ours, ours’ that should be the way we should think. That is Chittashudhi. 

These rituals these Yagas were created as a matter of expression of our gratitude to God. We offer what we had, a little bit of it, to the fire because fire is the Purohita, it is the postman which takes whatever we give to gods. Whatever we have, whatever we have craeated out of the gifts given by God, a part of it we offer in the fire so that it reaches the gods and thereby we express our gratitude. If we don’t do this and we keep on consuming without any sense of sacrifice and gratitude, then it is only going to be leading to bondage and sorrow. This sacrifice is the suprememost principle of Sanatana Dharma. Children must understand this, must develop this gratitude and as it is said the best way to express your gratitude is to serve God, is to love God.