Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What kind of ego is extremely difficult to get rid of? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 14, 2017

The one with wisdom knows Brahma whereas the one without wisdom knows only Bhrama or illusion. Considering one as different from the other, separate from the others makes one an ignorant person and therefore he lives a life in constant illusion or Bhrama where there is actually Brahma or only Divinity. Only when you understand that everything is one and whomever you serve you serve the same Self and whomever you ridicule or insult you insult the same Self, it is not possible to lead a happy and a harmonious life. Truly, an ego that arises out of the feeling of having done something good to someone else is extremely difficult to get rid of for it sticks to your mind forever. Once it comes, it sticks to you, doesn’t go easily. Therefore, for such a person, even an act of service which is supposed to be liberating becomes a cause of bondage. 

The attitude with which you render service is extremely important. When you think you are doing it for someone else because you are separate in the bodies, it is leading to bondage. But when you consider the same service as being done to your own self then that becomes the very reason for your liberation. One must consider all those (titles and positions) as in fact an obstacle in the path of service for there is a possibility of developing some kind of an attachment or ego when you are given a designation or a position. One must be ever watchful that such intentions or thoughts are not allowed at all into one’s head.

Every thought that comes into your head must be discriminated, must be analysed and only after confirmation that it is a good or a positive thought, you must allow it to enter. Will such a thought lead me to Brahma – Divinity – or to Bhrama illusion? You must discriminate between this Nitya and Anitya. If you do not do this kind of analysis and accept that which is Divine and discard that which is not, then you are going to suffer with spiritual indigestion. When you work together in harmony or understanding that we are all one belonging to the same body, then all our work becomes pure and liberating. Whether accidentally or carelessly even if one limb hurts the other, truly it is hurting the body. And body – person- will not just decide to discard one for the sake of the other. If you understand this truth, you understand the heart of Swami. And that is when you will be able to work selflessly and with purity in Swami’s mission.