Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service



(Service) is the end result of all the prayers that we make. All this Namasmarana to invoke the blessings of Almighty on every one without any barriers of caste, creed, religion or geographies must ultimately result in the welfare of the world. While Namasmarana we do for our Atma kalyanam that is for one’s own emancipation, the Loka kalyanam in the form of service must manifest in our actions. You must also constantly in an Akhanda way without any interruption, gaps, continue to serve the society. Both Smarana and Seva  – they should like two wings of the bird help the bird fly up and reach the ultimate destination of Divinity. This is the purpose of all the prayers, of all the chanting and of the singing that we do. Ultimately it should culminate into welfare of one’s own self and in the process, the welfare of the entire humanity.

What you see today (new hospital in Mumbai) is not what has happened only today. For years, Indulal Shah is there. They all prayed. They came to Swami. They wanted to do a hospital in Bombay. They tried so many ways. That was not the right time. But the seed that was sown then, in the right season now, it is sprouting and it is going to grow into a hospital, one of its kind which will also train doctors. We must train their own doctors to serve their own people. With this sole intention, one of its kind in the world, completely dedicated pediatric care hospital which is free along with side-by-side training programme. That is also completely free for all the doctors who come from around the world to get trained. And this is the way Swami’s mission is going to expand day after day. Expansion love, expansion love heart should have, not contraction love.

That is the love. That is pure love. That is the expansion love. Everybody must develop that kind of love. Only loving Me, chanting My name, singing My glory – that is only one part. The second part is serving Me by serving others. That is why loving Me is one, serving Me is the other part – Love All Serve All. So while you sing My name, sing God’s name, God’s glory today in an uninterrupted way, in an Akhanda way, you must also make it a point to resolve, determine to serve God also in an uninterrupted way all through our lives. Be such examples where Lord’s name is in your heart and Lord’s work is in your hand. With this twin ideals, we must proceed on the path of spirituality and ultimately realise our own true self. Therefore, while you pray with your lips, serve with your hands. That is the fulfilment of all your spiritual Sadhana.