Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What kind of prayer should we do? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 27, 2018

Definitely there was a time when the people were enlightened, evolved and considered everyone as their own for they depended on the inner truth of the sameness of all creation. They were not dependent on their physical comforts or their desires and aspirations but their important goal in life was to realise the truth that all are one and they all are divine. And they all knew very well that by sacrifice alone, they can attain this divinity, or they can realise the truth of oneness of everything. And therefore, there was absolute peace, harmony, brotherhood, fraternity in the entire world. This was possible only because they were all focused on the highest goal of life which was to be close to God, to realise God, to be dear to God. For the sake of the happiness of God, when we learn to sacrifice for each other, it is only then that there can be peace and harmony in the world too. Because of this lack of love for God, because of the lack of fear for sins, there is a decline in the humanness in human beings and that is the cause of destruction of peace in this world. 

Therefore, the most important goal of our education system is to develop love for God – Daivapriti. For, if you just have this BhaktiDaivapriti in them, everything else will emanate from this seed of devotion or love for God. Whomever we love, we love God and whomever we hate, we end up hating God inadvertently. Whenever you pray selflessly, every word that you utter becomes a Mantra and it has tremendous potency. Always in all the times, in all situations, wherever you are, whatever be the conditions, always pray in a selfless way for the benefit of all, for the welfare of all and not just about your own problems.

When you sing Bhajans or you chant Vedas, or you utter any words, you must dip it in the honey of love before you pass it on to others to hear. When you chant God’s name, God feels very happy – His name is being chanted, He is being remembered. That makes Him very very happy. And if you tell it with sweetness, if you tell with love and reverence, the happiness is beyond description. Remember God in a sweet way, chant His name in a loving way, thereby develop this purity within and sweetness within and share it with ten others. Definitely Raga tala all these are important components of a Bhajan but to Me, the most important part is the Bhava – the sweetness, the devotion – with which you sing that Bhajan. All people should chant. There is no age for chanting God’s name.