Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What kind of students should come out of Sathya Sai Institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – Tumkur – October 03, 2017

Only narrow minded people will have the differences as these are my people and they are not mine; but broad minded people consider the entire world to be one family.  It is only in the holy land of India we find this prayer of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah- Let all beings be happy and nowhere else in the entire world. The ideal of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the entire world is one family, has been the contribution of Indian culture and is not found anywhere else in the world. It is our utmost responsibility to protect this culture of this holy land of Bharat. It is primary and very important to imbibe this culture into the little children of this country through education. Children have tender hearts. It is possible to sow the seeds of good culture only in such tender hearts.

All the children born are pure without ego and attachment. But their lives change depending upon the company they are in. They become good in the company of good people. On the contrary when they are in the company of bad people, their lives become miserable and end disastrously. It is dependent on the company they are associated and not the children. So it is our responsibility to impart good education with culture to such children. It is very important to impart education which makes them understand the purpose of life and not for a mere living. This body is given to serve others-Paropakaaraartham idam shareeram. The very purpose of our educational institutions is to make the little children into men and women of divine love. The only aspiration that I have is that these children render this kind of service to society. Hence instead of giving an education which supports only mere earnings for livelihood, it is our duty to give such an education which brings out the highest purpose of life.

God has given everything to us freely. Air, water, sunlight and everything else is given freely and not for any fees or taxes. The ones given by God for free, the Government lays taxes but not God. He is giving everything free lovingly. Hence in God’s Institutions there will not be any charging of fee. Definitely there is a lot of power in selflessness which is not there in anything else. Anything done with selfless love is bound to happen and nothing can stop it. When we are doing everything with selfless feeling, we should also have courage. When everyone works in unity and selflessness, definitely it will happen and none can stop this. That itself is Divinity. Purity is Divinity. Unity is Purity; Purity is Divinity. Where there is unity, there must be purity and hence there will surely be Divinity.