Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What lamp do you light to see Atma Rama? – Deepavali Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – November 08, 2018

On the day when Rama arrived in the kingdom, it was already getting dark and it was difficult to see things correctly. All the people in Ayodhya Nagari, they lit lamps and lanterns in order to brighten up the whole place so that all could have clear Darshan of the Lord. Rama is not just the physical Rama, but He is Atma Rama. When your heart is filled with oil like purity, without the worldliness of water, then it becomes eligible to help you light the flame. What is the wick? Bundle of desires, bundle of thoughts, that is our mind. This mind has to be completely immersed in pure feelings of love and devotion. That has to be happen otherwise it is not possible for the wick to catch fire.  

Striking of the matchstick against the matchbox is Karma. Whatever work we do, think, receive, give, pray for, aspire for, everything has to be done as an offering to God.  So when with that great surrender and offering, we strike this matchstick which is completely dry of all ego, of all attachments, of all sense of doership, the match catches fire. And then this Karma has to reach your mind and then the flame of Jnana starts burning bright. The Bhakti in Chitta that is the purity of heart full of devotion is like the oil, the striking of the matchstick is the Karma done with surrender, done with detachment and then finally you have the Jyoti that is the Jnana, all Karma, Bhakti, Jnana must come together in order to have Darshan of the Lord within. We have to light the lamp in our hearts. Only then we will see the Atma Rama who is within us. And then you have this Darshan of Rama, there is Arama, there is always peace, there is always happiness, there is always comfort, there is no discomfort at all. You change, you transform, you evolve, and you reach from death to deathlessness, from transitory existence to an eternal existence.  

Ayodhya vasis have purified themselves by constant remembrance of Rama. Ten years they have conquered ten Indriyas. Next four years they have conquered Manah, buddhi, chitta, ahamkara. They have purified all these in the 14 years, all these 14 faculties they have purified, and they are now ready to light the flame of Jnana within them and see their Rama in the light of that Jnana. Made them eligible to have Rama’s Darshan. We are going to have Atma Rama’s Darshan. We should be pure. We should be beautiful. We should be clean. We should be free of all kinds of lower desires. Our children must not forget the real reason, the inner significance behind whatever we do in our Indian culture and thereby derive not only wisdom from it, but also practise it and benefit from it.