Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What language does Swami want His students to master? – Navaratri Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – October 13, 2018

Isavasyam Sarvam Idam declares the Veda that everything is nothing but God Himself. The one who has wisdom sees only one where there are many whereas the ignorant one sees many or diversity in the unity. The one who sees the principle of oneness is truly a Jnani, a person of wisdom. For such a person who has realised this oneness in all creation and who knows no difference between one and another, again the Vedas declare that such a person does not have any attachment or sorrow. The end of all education must be to realise this oneness that is underlying the diversity that exists everywhere. The one who is without the right kind of education that liberates is equivalent to an animal. We think we become educated by studying in schools and colleges, by acquiring degrees and information and we become better than animals. Not at all! What use is of such education which ultimately makes man more cruel, more selfish, more heartless than animals? 

True education is that which teaches us the oneness of creation and thereby makes us selfless, makes us fearless, makes us divine. That is Atmavidya. And that Atmavidya is found in the Vedas. How wonderful that the Vedas declare Amrutasya putraha They call you the very children of immortality not those who are born and who die eventually. They have given us the greatest if the truths Aham Brahmasmi, Prajnanam Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi, Ayam Atma Brahma, all the four Vedas have given us the four principles of truth spoken in different ways. Even before Vedas, the Rishis, the devotees, the aspirants were always immersed in a state of divine self. There were no words spoken for they were in the state where It cannot be described by any kind of words nor grasped by the mind. But then God decided that what they experienced must be given to humanity later so that everybody aspires to gain that experience of divinity.  

Truly, Sanskrit is the mother of all languages, all languages have emanated from the root of Sanskrit. It is My appeal to the teachers, to the staff, to all the elders who are looking after the children that they must put enough and more efforts to encourage the children, to motivate them and create interest in this language of Sanskrit which is the most ancient language, the most beautiful language, the most comprehensive language ever known to mankind. More than anything else, it is the easiest language to learn, it is the most honest language and practical language for everything in written, spoken, heard and understood the same way unlike other languages where there are discrepancies. We must also learn Vedas, not all of it but definitely most of the important Mantras, most of the important Anuvakas.