Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What made Indian culture thrive throughout the ages? – Divine Discourse Summary- August 20, 2017

The culture of India, if it has to be summarised, can be well understood in the very name of this country. Bha-ra-ta means the ones who delight in the feeling of Divinity – they are the true Indians. In everything, the Bharateeyas perceive the presence of Divinity. This very soul of this country is this great faith in Divinity, which is omniscient, Your service begins right here and now; you don’t have to grow up to become somebody to start doing service.


History is a witness to all kinds of troubles, invasions and attacks that this country has undergone; yet it has been resilient in continuing its tradition and culture of belief and faith in God and till today in every house, in every home, we still have a corner for God where the people of the home go and offer their worship. As long as the Indians believe in God, have faith in God and respect the Divinity in everything and everyone, India shall continue to live – not only live but thrive. It is very much important that wise men do not stay or restrict themselves to one place or a time or a situation but rather make themselves available to everyone who needs their guidance. Like the fish that moves in the water everywhere and cleans up the water, likewise such noble and wise men must move across the country into the very rural areas and talk to the people and revive this culture of India which is seemingly dying down.  


No policies, no rules or regulations, no laws can make people moral. It is only fear of sin that arises out of devotion for God that can set the society right. And only Indians in their culture perceived everything as Divine, everyone as Divine and followed this great principle of Ahimsa. Paropakaraya punyaya papaya parapeedanam – This is the basic principle with which every Indian lived his life. Therefore, these ideals have to be reinstated in the very culture of our country especially in the minds of the young and children. That is the only way this country can continue to live and grow and not only help its own people but the entire world as well. It is My wish – in fact, not just wish but I urge- that the children of our institutions first take great pride in being citizens of this country and in being children of this soil and second, do everything that is possible to revive and uphold this culture of India. And then following this great principle of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the whole world is our family – by being Udara charita, by being the people of broad mind, consider everyone as their own and work for everyone’s welfare.