Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What Mantropadesha will Swami advise? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – March 03, 2019

The greatest truth that our scriptures, our saints and sages and all the realised ones have ever told us, Chidananda rupa Shivoham Shivoham, I am truly the embodiment of Chidananda, the awareness, the bliss and the principle of Shiva which is Divinity. Nowhere in the world we hear this kind of truth proclaimed so loud and clear than in the soil of India by the sages of India. It is to the credit of the great Indian wisdom which flows from the fountainhead of all these Vedas, that asked this question, “Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?” “Who am I?” is the question that was put again and again by the aspirants of the yore and even today. And to that, the answer was given, “You are verily God, you are verily Divinity and nothing else. Naham.”  

People ask Me for Mantropadesha. What greater Mantra can be than this – short, sweet, simple and clear. Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham. Let your breath as it goes in and out chant this. Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham. Let this go on and on and on even as you go about doing all your other works, let this go on and on in the background. Truly, Shiva is not just the Shankara that we know of with Damaru, Trishula, Ganga, Sarpa, Chandra. That is one manifestation of that principle. But truth is Shiva is a principle, not a manifestation. Every month there is Shivaratri for you to celebrate but Mahashivaratri comes once. This is the time when you must be able to transcend beyond this Shava that is this body to Shiva which is the Atmic principle. But that requires sincere efforts not just an imaginary wishful thinking that it should come to me just because today is this festival day, but it will come to those who have put efforts sincerely and prepared themselves. Keep your bodies and minds pure. Let bodies not engage, let senses not engage or entangle themselves in the worldly things. Let mind turn inwards. Then let there be stability in the intellect. Then there is a possibility of experiencing this principle.  

Therefore, we are installing Shiva not for the sake of promoting or propagating a form but truly through the form, trying to achieve, realise the formless aspect. That is the effort. Let all moments from now till we finish the functions, let the mind be constantly absorbed in the thought of Shiva. Eat less, don’t eat too much, eat in limited way during festivals. Keep your mind and thoughts in control turning inwards not running outwards. And if possible practise Mounam so that you don’t unnecessary open your mouth and say things which are going to be of no use. Let this experience of Shivoham be yours.