Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What quality should a teacher develop? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 25, 2018

The very fundamental basis of the body and mind, there is something which is the spirit or the Atma. Masters taught that this Atma is the truth, the Atma is God, Atma is Divine. All the things that happen in the world, all the phenomenon of nature, are dependent on the Divine principle, Atma. Atma Jnana or Self-knowledge is the ultimate wisdom. On the basis of the ancient Indian education, we teach children to learn means of living i.e. Jeevana Upadhi. Apart from that, we also have to teach them Jeevita Paramavadi that is the ultimate goal of life that is Self realisation or God realisation. When children know truth about themselves, very spontaneously they will be able to cultivate values and practise them. 

This Divine principle, this Atmic principle, has one major hallmark – that is love. It is totally desire less, divine, glorious and absolutely selfless. It does not have any expectations. Love keeps giving all the time; it doesn’t know how to accept. When children realise and experience their own divinity in the form of such selfless love, spontaneously and automatically they will develop values and practise them in their lives. Fundamentally we should teach this principle of selfless love. Once they cultivate and experience this love, automatically all values will be there in them. It is very necessary we develop this kind of selfless sacred love in children. How do we really teach this to them? Only when we love them selflessly, they understand what is love. If you develop that kind of selfless love towards the children, you need not have to teach them anything. They themselves will grasp and practise this. 

The seed of all human values is sacred, selfless love. When we cultivate this kind of love in the hearts of children, there will be harmony, security and prosperity in society. When we get rid of the narrow-mindedness and develop broad-mindedness and develop an attitude that the whole world is one family, there won’t be any conflicts in society. Only through love we can achieve it, not through conferences and discussions. You may not do anything else, love your students selflessly and that will inspire them to practise values. What is good for children, we should be ready to sacrifice because sacrifice is the other face of the coin of love. When teachers are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of students, they will transform, evolve themselves into Acharyas and Gurus and that will lead to social welfare. Above everything, if you develop selfless love for your students, the students will be redeemed and society will be redeemed and ultimately, we will also be able to achieve world peace.