Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What season has started from Guru Purnima 2019 onwards? – Divine Discourse Summary – Public Satsang – C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore – July 21, 2019

All I can say is we are the most fortunate beings on earth today because we have a Sadguru in Sathya Sai, the most compassionate one who bears with all our follies, so so much patience every time we disobey, who cares for us, who loves us even if we make it so difficult for Him to train us. The greatest blessing one can have in one’s life is to have the grace of a guru. And when we have God Himself as our guru, can we ask anything anymore? He is here to give the highest realisation of that self to us. Unfortunately, if our hands are full of other trinkets. Unless we drop all that we have in our hands and only seek that which Swami has come to give us, we would have wasted a golden opportunity to have been His contemporaries, to have known Him, to have seen Him, to have worshipped Him, to have been blessed and graced by Him. He is the most compassionate one. He puts up with us and He gives us again and again opportunities and chances. Every time we drop it, waste it, He creates another, He doesn’t give up, doesn’t give up on us till we reach where He wants us to reach.  

The true knowledge of the Self is all that guru is here to teach us. Everything else is secondary; in fact, immaterial, may be even waste. If what we study, what we work for, what we think, speak or do, does not lead us to this readiness to receive the ultimate realisation, then our being in this earth and doing what we do, is sheerly a waste of all effort. The subtle mission of Swami has been divided into three phases. Sankarshana, to attract. Sandarshana. Went around giving His Darshan, Sparshan, Sambhashan.

And then the most important, glorious, the golden period is that of SankramanaSankramana is going from human to divine. And that is the phase which has begun. It is not just for one or two or ten or a hundred. But it is for all. This is the best time, the best place, the best situation to attain it. For once this moment, this opportunity, this circumstance passes, we don’t know when again it will come to us, how soon and where. Let us put efforts on the spiritual path for no efforts will be wasted. And even if little we learn, little we earn grace of the guru on this path, we will be redeemed. Everything else will be looked after for His grace will look after everything. His grace is on all of us and this is the time, this is the Sankramana kala, this is the time to move up, move higher, move closer towards Divinity. Let us use this time, this opportunity to the best of our abilities by putting sincere effort –Shraddhavan labhate jnanam.