Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What should a Sai student achieve? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School, Muddenhalli – August 20, 2017

The relationship between God and the devotees is the only permanent bond. God who is Gunatheetha, Kalatheetha, Avasthatheetha and such a Divine parent will always be with you as He is beyond the laws of this physical world and therefore, can be with you in all places, at all times and in all situations. These children who are so pure, who are born in the Divine image of God, get spoilt only because of the company of the elders. All these efforts of these institutions, these Vidya samsthas – is only to ensure that all that the rain that’s  is so pure remains pure and does not fall into wrong places in the wrong company and get impure.

All the effort is to collect all these pure raindrops to these institutions, which give them the right kind of atmosphere, environment, people and training so that they remain pure. They want the children to retain their purity and Divinity so that they can be of use to the society. Three principles our children must follow: First, you should be in the service of all the people, welfare of people. Second, all good qualities must emanate in you and that you should spread to others. Thereby, ultimately you realize your own purity and Divinity, you become one with God; You must live up to this name that you have earned of being Sai student. Bend your body, serve others; mend your senses, develop good qualities, don’t develop bad qualities; end the mind – your mind, your Svartha, your selfishness should disappear and you should become selfless. First do service, do it with love for God, then finally become God.

Your service begins right here and now; you don’t have to grow up to become somebody to start doing service. Help each other, serve each other, share with each other in daily life. Whatever you do – you play, you sleep, you eat, you study – offer everything to God. You want to offer the best that you have to God, you don’t want to offer anything which is less than that. So when you follow this principle of offering to God you will study better, you will play well, you will sleep well, you will eat well. You will do everything in the right way because only the best should be offered to Swami. If you do this service with Bhakti, illumination will come on its own. Help everyone develop good qualities. And all of you together achieve this great principle of Divinity that is your inherent principle.