Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What should be the end purpose of all our Sadhana and Seva? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 3, 2017

The identity of the person who has understood the Truth is that of the one who sees only unity in diversity, who sees only one where there are many. Such a person who sees the Truth or the Tattva darshana, who sees the supreme principle of oneness, has no attachment, no sorrow whatsoever. Seeing is not with these physical eyes which are limited by space, situations and circumstances. Due to the restrictions of these three kinds, what we see with our physical eyes is limited and not the complete truth. What you see as truth today changes tomorrow.

The Truth that the Vedas declare is not the one that changes at any time, in any place or in any circumstances. What is the quality of such a Truth that the Vedas proclaim? Nitya shuddha buddha mukta nirmala svarupinam. Nitya that is ever, eternal, changeless. Shuddha without any contamination of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, of narrow-mindedness and selfishness. Buddha – it is aware, it is all-knowing, it is completely of the understanding that it exists everywhere and it does not differentiate. Mukta – it is free from all attachment, all bondages, all restrictions. Nirmala – it is the one which is the purest of its kind, without any impurity whatsoever. The one who realises this Atman, this truth of one’s eternal self is free from all bondages, attachments, sorrows and negativities.

All these efforts that we put, dear ones, whether it is Seva, whether it is Sadhana, it is only to one point and purpose. If this Seva makes you proud and arrogant, it is of no use. If all this Sadhana only leads more to your ego and superiority, then that Sadhana is a total waste. True quality of a Jnani is humility. Great men are always signified or symbolised by this great quality of humility. At the end of it all, are we becoming more humble, are we becoming more kind, are we becoming more compassionate is the question we must ask ourselves. Are we able to treat everyone as our very own, as one, as not different? Are we able to understand this underlying unity and thereby love and serve each other without any differentiation? We must put such a question to ourselves. These are the Mantras for the modern age – Love all, serve all. And they are not different from each other for the one who loves, service becomes his second nature. The one who loves need not be told to serve. Service becomes his very nature. The true fulfilment of all this divine time that you are spending in Swami’s company, in the company of noble and good people should find its real attainment or fulfilment when you become closer to your divinity and you are able to see the unity in the diversity that exists around.