Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What should be the main message of Sanathana Vani? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sanathana Vani Anniversary Celebrations – November 18, 2019

In the beginning, there were only feelings. But slowly, from feelings, emanated the thoughts. From thoughts came the words. From words came the speech and the text and today it has further degenerated to digital. They say there are four kinds of communications as per our scripture. The first is Para, where there are no words, there are no thoughts, there is some kind of experience. That experience teaches us. That is the highest kind of communication, Para. Then comes Pashyati. Here the communication happens through visions. Then comes Madhyama. That is where words come into existence where we speak and convey to each other through words through a language. And then comes Vaikari, all the written and that is spoken that is going on today. But the best form of communication is that inner experience. That is how the Yogis communicated with God and with each other. No words were required to be spoken.

But unfortunately, with continuous devolution from the highest Divine state to a very ordinary, almost an animal state that humanity has come to, words have become important. And in today’s times, it is important to spread this word through various medium like now they are talking about radio or text or computers, internet. So be it. Let all noble thoughts come from all directions. Let us accept whatever is noble. From the Vaikari, the speech, we must go back to the Para, that experiential understanding of the truth. And that is the journey which should come the full circle. That is the idea of Sanathana Vani. We are all children of Sanatana Dharma where the only truth that was ever spoken was “You are God, I am God and everything else is God.” That is the idea that we should promote through this medium of Sanathana Vani. Let every person on earth know that he is essentially Divine, she is essentially Divine, and they should act, think and speak in accordance with that Divinity that they truly are. If everyone learns to be according to their own Divinity, the world will become Divine. Everything will be happy and peaceful.

We don’t know what can make somebody gain motivation, inspiration and become better. One good sound, one encouraging word, one motivating talk can change somebody’s life forever for good. May you continue to spread the voice of God. May you continue to spread this eternal truth of Divinity to all the people around the world. May you all enjoy this and may you all also realise this from speech to the realisation should be your journey too. Whatever you start, do it consistently. That is more important. Even if you do little, do it consistently, do it forever. That is most important advice that I would like to give you.