Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What should graduates of Swami’s University be? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 12, 2019

Don’t develop any other desires in life. Only one desire that we should always be thinking of Swami, speaking of Swami, listening about Swami, talking about Swami, working for Swami, breathing for Swami, sleeping for Swami, eating for Swami, walking for Swami, sitting for Swami, standing for Swami – everything we do it is only for God. You will become so satisfied nothing of the world attracts you anymore. Everything which the world gives so much value to, see, seems like useless in front of this joy, this Bhakti that one derives by worshipping Krishna, by worshipping God. That devotion is the greatest of all wealth having attained which there is no looking back, there is no going back. Seeing you so happy, always blissful, always in joy, always thinking of God, others will also become inspired.

My mission is you, each one of you is the mission. What is My mission? Each one of you has to become Me, that is the mission. If that doesn’t happen, everything else happens around it, it is not My mission. In our mind, it becomes one. In our heart, it becomes one. In our spirit, it becomes one. Bodies will be many but the mind, the heart should become one. That is the idea of Ekoham – only one exists. The main reason why we run these institutions is for this transformation. That transformation is what I am waiting for. That is the real mission. When you try to change yourself, you try to become God, that is My real mission. Whether you are a boy or a girl or whoever it is. I want Brahmajnanis from this university. Atmajnanis from this university. With such brilliant intellect, such luminous Atman, shining examples of sacrifice of love, of compassion, of service, of devotion. Shining examples. Wherever they go, they should bring that brightness, that light all around and bring out so many people from the darkness into the light. That is My mission. Your contribution is by your own transformation. When you transform, you will transform hundred others along with you.

Our institution is based on the spiritual idea. That is the only way that it can remain permanent and change the world for good in a way that it will never return back to the bad again. I assure you, if you have that spiritual bent of mind, if you have that purity of intellect mind, you will do well in whatever you touch will turn into gold. You touch a science; you will know everything about it. You touch arts, you will do very well. You touch fine arts; you will start prospering in that. You touch sports; you will do very very well in that. You touch anything, it will turn to gold because of the spiritual understanding that you have. Our foundation is spirituality. Our way is service. Our goal is realisation. Very simple.