Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What should we put in the Bhogi fire? – Divine Discourse Summary – Makara Sankranti Celebrations – January 14, 2018

 In this temporary world, everything is temporary. The two basic characteristics of life in this world is Anityam and Asukham – first, it is temporary and secondly, full of sorrow. Only to those who steadfastly practise Satya and Dharma in their lives, they will achieve good and great reputation. There may be great scholars who are many of them in the world who are recognised only during their lifetime and they led their life of great arrogance but today nobody remembers them. Only those who dedicate their lives for the practice of Satya and Dharma, who serve others selflessly, they remain permanent in the memory of mankind. 

Both Indulal Shah and his wife Sarla Shah led such life of selfless service, of great devotion and they never had any selfish motive in their lives; therefore, they have become immortal in the history of the world. As long as we have this body, we have to struggle to attain this principle of Dharma. Only when you have Dharma as your pursuit in life, you will achieve good reputation. Both of them led their life of great truthfulness, integrity and service. Depending on the mother, the child’s character is different. Even their children are leading such a life – they don’t worry about themselves, they don’t have any selfish motivation in their life at all. They live for others. Any selfless prayer will be fulfilled – there is no other way. There is no power higher than selfless love. Where there is selfless love, there is Dharma also. Nobody can actually value love; it is invaluable. Only love is a match for love and nothing else. I am telling all this in order to set an ideal for all our students so that they are inspired to lead such lives of service.

Indulal Shah, whenever he came to Me, there was only one aspiration in him. “What is it that I can do for You, Swami, in Your mission?” That was his only aspiration, that is his only aspiration. He is always thinking of only service. All our students should be inspired by this example and should strive to become like that. On this Makara Sankranti day, we should burn all our selfishness and narrow-mindedness in the fire of Bhogi and develop the qualities of selflessness and service. Look at the sun! He is always shining with so much of selflessness. God has gifted us this human body in order to serve others. All life on earth is nourished by the sun. It flourishes only because of the sun. Therefore, he is a great ideal for us. All of us should become selfless like the sun.