Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What should you settle for? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 20, 2019

The Gods, Demi-Gods and all other divine beings crave to be born as a human being in order to ultimately realise the truth and thereby liberate themselves from all. The denizens of all the fourteen Lokas ultimately must attain a human birth in order to finally merge in God. It is the final door to the merger in one’s own Divine self in the Parabrahman. All the achievement that humans have in the external world through the use of their mind, intellect, their conscious self and their ego combined with all their senses and faculties are only external in nature and they are all ephemeral. It is nothing great because it is given to all and it is the easiest thing to do. However, the hero, as per our scripture, is the one who is capable of maneuvering these senses and turning them all inwards and desire and pursue God. Such a bold, courageous one goes all out to attain the bliss of Atman by turning his gaze inwards and thereby attain immortality.  Such a person alone is considered as a courageous one. 

Our scriptures place this glorious crown of a king on the head of the one who learns to control his senses, turns them inwards, makes them still and thereby attains the truth. You are all divine. Births after births, this identity of your divinity has been suppressed under layers and layers of illusory existence that you are anything other than divine. So here is Swami roaring again back to you, calling you back to realise your divinity, telling you your truth and this is the call that Swami gives out to each one of you that you are divine, you are Amrutasya putra, do not settle for anything less than the attainment of your divine self. Once the Divine takes charge, whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you think or say, everything will be influenced by this truth of divinity and thereby you will only attain bliss, you will only attain success, you will only attain happiness in whatever you endeavor. Let none of you forget this truth even for a moment in your life. 

Those who have the vision of all the three times – the past, the present and the future – can pierce through this outer existence of these children and they will know that these are very very ancient souls in young bodies. As long as you go on remembering these truths, none of the untruths of the world can ever touch you. Always tell yourself, “I am the embodiment of divinity, I am the embodiment of Atma.” Like this you go on telling yourself. One day this truth will become your very existence. Be like lions – selfless, fearless, roaring this truth every moment of your life. All My children are truly like that.