Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service


Among all kinds of birth on this earth, birth as a human being is very very rare. Among 84 lac species of life, human life is the best one, the noblest one. Having attained the human birth, taking recourse to animal habits and animal instincts is absolutely unfortunate. Food, sleep, procreation and fear are common both to human beings and also to animals. If a human being dedicates his life in pursuit of food, drink, procreation and fear, we can say that his life is worse than that of an animal. In the word ‘Manava’, there is an inner significance. It means you are not new. There is the divine spark in every being: that is not new, that is ancient and eternal.

We have to dedicate our life as human beings in pursuit of self realisation. We should recognise the ultimate goal of life is to realise our own divinity. If we want to realise the Atma or the Self, there are three things which are very necessary. The first and foremost is the human birth – that is what is referred to as Manushyatvam in Sanskrit. The second is Mumukshatvam – aspiration, desire to know God and to realise the Self. The third thing is the company of the noble ones, the saintly ones who have realised God. Just human birth is not enough. Even aspiration to realise oneself is not enough. There should also be the guidance and company of a realised Guru. Therefore, if you have attained all the three – the human birth, aspiration to realise your Self and the guidance and company of a realised soul, you are very very fortunate.  

Many times people question when the people are so young and tender, what is the need for spirituality for them. They also feel that once you retire from active life you can dedicate yourself to the pursuit of godly path. That is absolutely wrong. On the spiritual life, you start early as a young boy or a young girl, you can work slowly up your way and realise your own divinity. If you want to reach your destination safely, it is very necessary to start quite early. Even getting the human birth is a very rare blessing. Even after being born as a human being, getting good company – you are very fortunate. When you practice devotion, duty and discipline, then you will be able to attain oneness of your thought, word and deed and reach the spiritual goal. Only those with a pure heart, a clean heart will be able to realise Divinity. Develop broad-mindedness that all are our brothers and sisters and the whole world is one family.