Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

What type of students are joining Swami’s schools now? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – May 16, 2019

I was coming for the Darshan; somebody said, “Swami, why are You taking so much of strain?” Truly this is not Shrama for me, this is Prema. Where there is Shrama, there is no Prema; where there is Prema, there is no Shrama. To tell you the truth, it is now only that My real students have started joining My institutions. Now the students who are joining here, the parents who are sending these students to join over here are the students who are coming here only for God’s sake not for education, not for becoming good human beings, not for learning spiritual things but with all that, above all that, they are coming here because they love Swami and all they want is to be with Swami and do Swami’s work. They are like the Jnanis who know the value of God, who know what it is to be with God, what an opportunity, what a privilege and how invaluable it is. 

If you desire for one thing that I want God, all other things, all other of your desires, all other things that you need in life will come to you and you will never feel that you have lost anything in life once you have got God. Now the children are coming with this desire to be with Swami, to be His student, to be His servant, to be a part of His mission. This is their only and the uppermost thought in their minds. And everything else will be taken care of. Such is their faith. The truth that it is I who has drawn each one of you to Myself, education and institutions are just an excuse, just a means for you to be drawn to Me.

Now children are coming only for Me, so it is My responsibility to go and meet them, interact with them, be with them and bless them. Till then I want to appeal to all the teachers, staff, elders who are there in each of these campuses to look after My property well. If you look after My children well, I assure you that I will look after you, your family, seven generations of your family very very well. Study well, use this opportunity to the best of your abilities. Don’t waste a single moment in idle things. Love each other, help each other, sacrifice and serve each other. That is what will make Swami happy and attract Him to you and bring Him to you again and again. May you all become good children, good people and tomorrow good servants of the society and make your parents, teachers and Swami proud by your behaviour, by your conduct, by your character.