When can you attain God? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 27 May, 2016 (Evening)

God has neither birth nor death; He has no beginning, no end, not even the middle called life between birth and death. Being the atma, He resides in the heart of everyone; He has neither birth nor death. It is our birthright to experience our true divinity. Without attaining divinity, we may attain anything. However, all of that is a complete waste. If you want to attain divinity, you should develop sincerity of purpose in life, shraddha. One, who has this sincerity of purpose, will attain everything.

Only when you develop an intensity of aspiration and yearning for God, wherein you feel God is more than your own life, God is dearer to you than your own life – that is when you will get God. Similarly, as long as we have the feeling of ‘I’, of separateness, there is no way you will enjoy and experience divine consciousness. Where there is ‘I’, there is no Sai; where there is Sai, there cannot be any ‘I’. Only when we go beyond the narrow-minded and mean feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, we can attain divine consciousness.

Four kinds of devotees approach God in order to fulfil their own aspirations or desires. The first category, Arthas, come in order to get relief from God for some kind of suffering. Artharthis pray to God in order to attain more wealth, pleasures, comforts and luxuries. A spiritual aspirant approaches God with the prayer that he wants to know that this world is an illusion and God is the eternal truth. But a jnani, a true man or woman of wisdom, worships God only for the sake of God, and not for getting anything else. The love of a jnani for God is complete and perfect; there is no business of giving and taking. A jnani or a man of wisdom realises that everything that happens in the world happens according to the will of God; therefore, I need not ask for anything.

Divine love is the highest and the purest form of love. A person who cannot eat a sweet, is it possible for him to recognise the taste of sweetness? Only when you put a little of the sweet into your mouth, will you know what sweetness is. This divine love is absolutely selfless; there is no question of giving and taking and it is absolutely pure. Suppose, you want to ask something from God, ask for that divine love. Once you experience divine love, everything else will taste bitter, and you can’t really relish it. Divine love is so full of bliss. You have to develop this love and share this love with others. When you enjoy and experience divinity within yourself, you can lead others also to divinity. If you can attain Self- Realisation, all other things are there with it.

This realisation does not come from anywhere else; it is there within us. When a sculptor wants to make a statue out of a stone, what does he do? That statue is not coming from outside and getting into the stone; it is there inside the stone. But when you remove what is not the statue in the stone, then the statue will emerge. Divinity is there within us. When we remove our narrow-mindedness, selfishness and self-interest, the inner divinity will manifest within us. That is what educare is. Educare is manifesting what is already there within. The true goal of education is manifestation of that divinity within us to serve the society. Without giving up the tamasik quality, you cannot recognise the Truth; without giving up rajasik quality, you will not get devotion to God; it is the satvik quality, which will help you to develop devotion to God; the word of Sai is the path of Truth.

We are worried about tomorrow. And because of this fear, we are not able to render selfless service. If you ask the question, where this fear is coming from, it is coming from lack of complete faith. When you develop faith that God is there always with me and He will grant me and give me what I need at some point of time, then you will not have any fear. By all the time worrying about future, we are not able to do what we have to do in the present.

Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is God. Where there is God, there is bliss. First and foremost, you have to develop faith and ultimately, you can attain bliss. You have to develop faith that God loves everyone and protects everyone and gives what is required. Only when you develop such faith and devotion, you will give up selfishness and serve everybody selflessly. When you have the feeling that everybody belongs to me, you are not going to love somebody and hate somebody else. Even if somebody hurts you, you will be able to forgive him.

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