Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

When can you call yourselves true sons of Mother India? – Independence Day Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 15, 2019

The greatest of all Dharmas is to follow Atma Dharma, the religion, the way of Atman or Divinity. We belong to this great country India which followed the greatest of all Dharmas which was Santana Dharma. This Sanatana Dharma is not any religion. Sanatana Dharma is the very fundamental basis by which we Indians led our lives. The fundamental truth of this Sanatana Dharma is that everything and everyone is Divine. No other country of the world, no other culture has ever proclaimed a truth as wholesome, as complete, as fundamental as this. The people who followed this idea that everything is Divine were all peace-loving, truthful, righteous people in all walks of life. The great kings of this country took to the path of Sanyasa. The great seers and Rishis of this countries told us about the wealth of Atman and that is how they have guided the thought of Indians for centuries. We worship the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the earth, the sky, the seasons, the sun, the moon, the fire, water, everything because we believe everything is Divine.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the kind of education system that was developed under the rule of British has destroyed the very idea, this very fundamental idea of what India is all about. Step by step, gradually, they succeeded in replacing our great ancient idea of education which not just dealt with the worldly education but also that of the Atman. They replaced it with simply material education which only produced more and more employable people for their government.

We cannot call ourselves responsible citizens of this country just because we are born in this country. But only when we revive its very culture, spiritual culture, and live our lives according to this Dharma of Sanatana or Atma, we will not be able to call ourselves true sons of this soil, true sons of Mother India. India lives because of its spiritual backbone, not because of its material, scientific or industrial progress. Dear children! Not for a moment you should forget to what a great culture that you belong to. Let us learn from the western culture, let us learn and gain from their knowledge and experience but let us not forget our roots, let us not forget our fundamental truths that are a part of our very life, our very country. There is no other country, there is no other culture as rich, as complete, as wholesome in its approach to life as Indian culture. You children have to offer yourselves for the service of this nation where you learn its spiritual culture, you practise it in your lives and through your life, through your practice, you teach the rest of the world. A day will come when the world will follow these great ideals of Sanatana Dharma.