When Can You Say You are Progressing on The Spiritual Path? – Divine Discourse Summary – 92nd Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – November 23, 2017


The whole of the universe is nothing but the very embodiment of Vishnu, the Lord. Wherever we look, we look at only Divinity and nothing else. It is the one formless God who manifests Himself in several bodies with different names and forms and He revels in the universe. One who sees unity in multiplicity is the wise person. Such a person who sees unity in diversity is never subjected to any attachment, infatuation or sorrow.  Only the one who can perceive this unity in multiplicity is the one who is one who is pure and divine. Anybody who has realised unity will also have purity and definitely you will be able to realise divinity. One who has such absolute purity sees unity everywhere and sees himself everywhere, he sees the same divinity everywhere. In fact, unity, purity and divinity are not three different things – they are one and the same thing. One who experiences unity will have purity and will see divinity – they are not three different things.

The whole universe is a limb of God. The same Divinity shines forth in everything, in every one. In the universe, the Lord shines forth. And the whole universe shines forth in the Lord. Only when we recognise unity in everyone, that is the time when we can say that we are progressing on the spiritual path. We have to give up the narrow-minded feelings of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and grow into broad-mindedness. We have to conduct ourselves by recognising the truth that it is one God who is there in everyone. 

Love lives by giving and forgiving. Love does not know accepting anything in return, it only gives. I don’t have any desires and expectations. I also don’t expect any Birthday gifts for Myself. But one thing I aspire from you. I only want all of you to develop pure feelings and sacredness so that you can see the same Divinity in everyone, love everyone and serve everyone. When all of us become selfless, the great Indian ideal that whole world is one family can be realised. I only expect and desire only one thing. You have to become selfless. Don’t have any fear, don’t have any worries. Have the faith that Lord is always with you. Love everyone, accept everyone. God is going to look after me. I need not have to think of myself and only my family. I will think of everyone. When we develop such broad-mindedness, Swami likes it most. What makes Swami happy is let us love everyone, let us consider everyone as a member of our family and serve everyone.