Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

When does Swami go out of His way to do something? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – June 06, 2019

This whole world and all the creation within, all the beings are like the water bubble floating on the water surface. They form, they float, they burst, and this process goes on and on and on. Though he is born of God, he is made of God, he lives because of God yet he thinks he is different from God and identifies himself as a separate entity with a separate existence. Water bubble reflects all its surroundings and makes it appear as if it exists inside the bubble though it doesn’t. The moment it bursts and merges back in the water, all the illusion also disappears. So is the man’s existence. The goal of one’s life is not to continue existing as the bubble and deluding oneself with all the reflections that do not really exist but ultimately realise that he is not separate from God.

If all that we think, say and do, does not lead us closer to this truth, then it is sheer waste of time and energy. I travel around the world; I meet many people. Only when I see that in their thoughts and words and actions, there is truth, there is an effort to go towards God, I feel happy, otherwise I feel very concerned about what they are doing with this precious life and all the time that God has given them. Out of My concern that I act, to bring the people who are straying away from the righteous path – I have to catch hold of them by their hands because they are stubborn, they are adamant, they are ignorant, they don’t know they are walking away on a wrong road, so I catch hold of them by their hands and pull them back on to the right path for they are ignorant, they don’t understand what they are doing. I consider all of them as My very own and so I go out of My way to catch hold of them by their hands, sometimes even by their ears or nose, and bring them back on to the right path. That is also My love. 

What will matter at the end would simply be how good we were, how much good we have done in our lives, how many people we have served, how many people we have helped and if we don’t have answers to these questions at the end, we cannot pass the examination of life. Dear children, work towards developing a heart that feels compassion for others. May you use this opportunity to become closer to God, closer to your own truth by thinking, speaking and acting in a divine and selfless way, may all this knowledge lead you to ultimately freedom, free from all your selfishness, that is My wish and blessings.