Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

When will Divinity come after you? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 18, 2018

What is Swami teaching you? Study, become selfless, be a good servant of everyone in the society. Purity is greatest wealth. Your purity brings divinity. You have purity in heart, divinity will come behind you, you don’t have to go behind divinity. Unsullied, desireless. That if you do, God only will come running behind; you don’t have to go behind God at all. That is the right kind of devotion. If that devotion you pray to God, He will do anything. Once you have God, you have everything. How can He come so easy unless you have that purity and love. That is the price you have to pay. You really really want God, you will get God. You want God also, world also, this also, that also, everything – you are not going to get God. 

See, Those who surrender to Me, I grant them fearlessness Abhaya. Sarvabhutebyo – whoever it might be. All creatures, all beings, anybody – man, bird, beast, insect, anybody who comes and takes refuge at Lord’s feet and says, “I am Yours,” Lord grants them Abhaya. Everybody is happy if God is happy with you. But initially it may appear the other way. That time we have to stay strong. We have to hold on to the feet of the Lord. And say, “I am Yours. I am Yours. Give me refuge.” Anybody takes to the path of God, withstands all the temptations, attractions, distractions, attachments within and without, ultimately they will find fulfilment; there is no doubt about that. There is no Samshaya. There is no doubt about it that they will ultimately reach God. The one who lives with sacrifice, the one who takes less, gives more; it is a man of sacrifice. Such a person is Tyagajeevi. All of you should develop this feeling of sacrifice and renunciation. Whoever you might be, whichever country, whatever situation. This is the way of Swami. To stand and uphold His great idealism, great idea of Swami of sacrifice.

Our hands should be involved in serving the society, heads should be in the forest. Our way is to redeem the mankind of the suffering first. Our path is a difficult path. Our path is a Shreyomarga not Preyomarga. Our path is that of greatness not just ordinary. What is dear is always simple and easy, what you like but what is really good and noble always is difficult. Iha para; this world, that world both will be looked after if you are with God. Those who surrender to Me, I will look after their Yoga kshema, I will look after everything. When you need My help in this world, I will help you; when you need me in the other world also, I will help you because you have surrendered to Me.