Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

When will God be with us always? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 22, 2019

Sri Sai said, “The Lord of Parti will protect you out of His compassion, no condition, only compassionI will take the responsibility that this hold that I have had on you, I shall not let go.” If you need Me, you deserve Me. Your need is your deservedness. This is out of compassion and compassion alone. To understand this principle of love, you have to understand this compassion of God. Love must flow as compassion. Just the need for God is enough for God to shower His compassion on us. But unfortunately, who needs God? We want everything but we don’t want God. That is the plight of man. In good times, does not remember God. Only in difficult times, turns towards God.  Those who remember God, those who love God, those who need God, irrespective of whether it is good time or bad time, God will always be there by their side. Therefore, develop this habit of remembering God at all times. 

For you never know when you need God’s grace, when you require His grace. It is only our duty to remember God, love God. The rest He does any which ways out of His compassion. Though Sai does not expect anything from you, but it is our duty, it is our personal obligation to remember God, love God and to need God. But we should not take His compassion for granted. We should be sincere in our efforts to remember God, to love God. The purer you are, the more you will enjoy the presence of God in your life. The extent to which you are experiencing God is the extent to which your heart is pure. So, your experience of God is proportional to your purity, your goodness. There are thousands of students, devotees and they all want attention and affection from Swami; nothing wrong in it. But truly what they should be putting effort for is to become so pure that Swami Himself would like to come to you, you don’t have to come to Swami.

Your exam is there. If you pass, the teachers pass. If you pass, teachers pass, then I also pass. Therefore, whether I pass in My efforts or not, much depends on whether you pass in your efforts. If you do well in life, you behave well, you become good people, good devotees, then I pass. Your teachers, all these people who put efforts to make you a good person, they also pass. Make best use of it and ensure that as you get good marks in your exams in the school, also get good remarks in the exams of life.