Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

When will God give Himself to you completely? – Divine Discourse Summary – Rome – April 08, 2019

To know God is not given to all. It is only for those who want God to the exclusion of everything else. God cannot be one of the many in your lives. Only when God is the one and the only that is when you get God in the true sense. I always told, if India is the front engine, Italy should be the back engine. And all the countries in between are the compartments of the train. Only when India pulls this train and Italy pushes from behind can this train of the world move towards God. And it is much important to do it today than later. And much of it lies on your shoulders now. For, if some of you or all of you decide to turn towards God, put that effort that is required to know God and ultimately you know God and become God, then there is future for this world.

Trust God. What He says is the best for you. However difficult it might appear, however impossible it may seem, however unachievable it may appear to you, know that if God has chosen that path for you, that is the best path for you. For, at the end there is victory, there is glory. Hard may be the path. But there is happiness at the end. Many worries trouble you. But let Me tell you, these are all only small tests. If I tell you, “You give and don’t worry what will happen to you,” and you do it because you know God will take care, then there is faith in it. So, you go fearlessly, serve everybody, help everybody without thinking about yourself and you see how God looks after you. No person who is afraid can attain God; God is for only the courageous. Only such fearless and selfless people have achieved God, no one else. God has to be achieved at the cost of yourself. Only when you give you to Me, I give Me to you. And I give Myself to you only so much as much you give yourself to Me. So, if you completely give yourself to Me, I completely give Myself to you. And only those who have given themselves completely to God, they only achieve God, nobody else. 

I want to tell you one more secret. Only few more years all these interactions, 2-3 years.  After that, we won’t be able to talk like this we are talking today. We will have to understand each other’s silence. Be witness. Everything you observe. Then you will know how to remain motionless amidst all the activities. Then you can hear God from inside what God wants you to do. God is available to everyone. Then you can understand the silence in the future. And the future with Swami is only for those who are fearless and who are selfless.