Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

When will Swami be pleased with our work / programmes? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 13, 2019

I am as much for a person as much as he thinks of Me, remembers Me or has faith in Me.  

Dear children,

I have not come here to talk much. I just came here just to see you, talk to you and give you joy. All of you have toiled very hard the whole day. I knew that you would be very tired. I came here in order to give new vigor and energy to your bodies and joy to your hearts.

You have the right only over your actions not on the results. You can only put in the efforts, but you can’t really expect the results you want every time. Therefore, there is no reason for you to be worried about what would happen. You have to just do your best. Put in all the efforts that you are capable of. Leave the rest to God. Success or failure, pain or gain, loss or profit, censure or praise – whatever might happen, with devotion we should continue to do our work. I did not come here to see your Shakti, strength or your Yukti, intelligence; I came here only to see your Bhakti, devotion. I am pleased with all your programmes because you did every programme with true devotion.

God is always thirsty for love. He goes only to a place where such pure love is available. Beginning with the tiny tots right up to the grown up boys and girls and even the elders and teachers, everybody has done everything with love for Swami, with devotion to Swami. That is why I am pleased with every one of your programmes.

Therefore, you need not have to worry about anything. Have your food and sleep soundly. Day after tomorrow you come here with greater inspiration and perform. I assure you with My blessings all of you will be totally successful.

You have worked hard, you are already tired. You have your food and take rest. Tomorrow morning, I am coming here for Sankranti. And I will tell you more things.