Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Where can you find Swami? – Divine Discourse Summary – April 19, 2018

This body has been given for service to others. Other than service if the body is being used for any other work, it is a waste of an opportunity to be born as a human being. The Seva that Swami started in a small way is now spreading to all parts of the world in so many continents and countries and this is being carried out by very pure-hearted devotees who are ready to sacrifice anything for Swami and to fulfill Swami’s command. For many, 24th April is a day when they mourn the loss of the most important person in their lives but truth is I have not come from anywhere, I don’t go anywhere. God does not have a birth or a growth or a death. He is constant, He is eternal, He is ever present. Such a God, such Divine is present in all beings as the very embodiment of Atman as the spirit. And therefore there is only birth and death for the body; Atman which is Divinity remains forever. And today what we see happening around the world is this Atman which is manifesting itself through the hands, heads and hearts of several devotees who are always ready to serve Swami.

We must spend all out time, energy, efforts in order to make somebody’s life better. Even a small Seva, even a kind act of speaking sweetly is also a good Seva which gives joy to others. Your look, your act, your speech, your thoughts in every possible way you must try to have this attitude of being able to make others happy. If you make others happy, God will see to that you are always happy. So, this precious human birth should not be wasted away in the pursuit of paltry pleasures which give only temporary joy and happiness. They don’t give you the permanent, eternal bliss. Only serving others and helping others gives one permanent joy which when comes, stays for all the times to come.

It is common to animals and human beings to worry about food, sleep, fear and procreation and having a family. This is common instincts to animals and human beings. But what makes human beings different is this ability to be concerned about others, to be able to serve others, to be able to make somebody else more happy and joyful. Truth is that Swami is ever present. He is in all places, at all times, in all possible ways you can find Him. There is no place where Swami is not there. It is the question of us trying to find Him. And therefore find Him in the service of others, find Him in the joy that you give others when you serve others. In that joy, in that happiness lies Swami’s happiness.