Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Which enemy should we get rid of and which friend should we acquire? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 25, 2018

There are six things that ought to be given up. And there are six things that we must acquire. What are the six things that need to be given up in order to lead a peaceful and a happy life? These are Kama (excessive desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), mada (pride/arrogance), matsara (jealousy).  When (desires) grow in excess, they become like cancer – the same cells, when they multiply without a reason or a season, they become dangerous to the same body. (Desires) have to be kept within control and only to the extent that one needs for one’s comfortable living, not beyond. 

When the desires are not fulfilled, it leads to anger. Then you lose all sense of good and bad, all sense of right and wrong and behave in an animalistic way without any rhyme or reason. Once you lose the sense of discrimination – what is right, what is wrong – Lobha also enters the mind. Once you touch this Lobha, it only leads to more Lobha, it leads to more greed, it doesn’t get satisfied. The more he amasses, the more he gets attached to what he is amassing. That is all that goes on in your mind and that is a kind of attachment or Moha. And then because he has amassed too much, he considers himself superior than the others and thus the fifth cousin Mada also enters the realm. He becomes arrogant. There are people who are far more greedier, far desirous, far angry, far indiscriminate than him and obviously when he sees their wealth and their possessions, he develops Matsara or jealousy looking at others. Because of excessive desires or Kama, all the other enemies enter one’s mind and thereby bring ruin to such a person.

What are these six friends that one must acquire on this path? These are Shama (control of senses), Dama (control of mind), Uparatti (withdrawal from external world), Titiksha (forbearance), Samadhana (equanimity) and Shraddha (sincerity). Controlling our mind which is the force behind all these senses without which the senses have no standing or existence of their own, that is Dama. The one who is really sincere about his spiritual growth, to be good, to be on the path of Dharma he will be easily able to practise all the other qualities without any difficulty. Just as desire –Kama –  is the reason for all the other five to come, likewise, Shraddha is the reason for the other five friends to come. Giving up excessive desires will help you give up all the evil qualities and acquiring sincere faith and devotion will help you gain all the good qualities.