Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Which type of devotee is dearest to God? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 13, 2017

God makes Himself felt, He makes Himself be experienced, where devotees are there. It is the purity of devotion that makes God manifest where the devotees are. Though God exists everywhere equally without any distinction or difference, yet He is felt and experienced only in the places where there are His devotees singing His glory with pure love. So, if you want to know where you can experience God, where you can find God, you have to find the devotee first. Devotee is considered greater than God because it is devotee who makes God felt or manifest or experienced. Once a person develops this kind of devotion for the Divine, he himself becomes a moving temple of God and God very much makes himself manifest in the very being of such a devotee.

Truly visiting these countries was not for the sake of those devotees but it was for My own sake that I visited there. Because their pure devotion to Me makes me yearn for that love more and more. Those who love Me for My sake alone are really dear to Me. Love without any expectations, without any desires, without any kind of selfishness, that love is what is dear to Me. These devotees in these countries have such love which desires nothing other than Me and therefore, they do not have to come looking for Me, I go looking for them. Therefore, devotee is greater because he can make God come, God manifest, God being felt wherever they are; they don’t have to move an inch from where they are, God will go to their doorstep.

God is thirsty only for love and He needs nothing else. The only one time that He stretches His palms in front of someone is in front of a devotee desirous of pure love from them. When Rama stretched His hands in front of Shabari for the half-eaten berries, it was because of the devotion and the love that Shabari had for Rama. When Krishna stretched His palms in front of the unlettered cowherd Gopikas for a ball of butter, it was not because He did not have enough at His own home but it is because of the pure love that they had for Krishna. I told the students who had accompanied Me that you should consider yourselves extremely fortunate that you had Darshan of such great devotees of Swami and thereby you have made your lives sanctified. When (you) are in the presence of a devotee, you should also know that you are in the presence of God who resides in them, and one can experience Divine feelings in their proximity. All of you must learn from these devotees how to be selfless, how to be loving, how to be serving.