Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who am I? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 06 March, 2016

What we think does not exist is the only thing that exists and what we think exists, does not really exist. What really exists is only God. God is beyond the mind and attributes; you can never understand God through the mind. You need an instrument which is beyond the mind through which to some extent, you can experience God. This instrument is the heart. Through the heart, we can recognize God. In a heart which is filled with love, compassion and selflessness, God can be perceived.

What is the meaning of saying God incarnates on earth? Out of love and compassion for human beings, God comes down to earth to their level with both individual consciousness and divine consciousness. Swami and other divine incarnations moved among people as human beings and taught them the truth. Though they look like individuals with jeeva pragnya (individual consciousness), they also have divine consciousness. But you cannot see or understand that divine consciousness. Only when you graduate to higher realms, you can understand the higher truth. Just because you don’t go through these higher experiences in spirituality, you cannot say they don’t exist.

This world is nothing but reflection, reaction and resound. The way the object changes, the reflection also changes. Reflection is not the truth but object is the truth. If we depend on reflections, we don’t find any truth. If you focus on the object, then you will get the reflection also. God is the object and the world is its reflection. God is the fundamental source of this world. If you know God, you will know the world also.

It is very necessary that we put in some spiritual effort. Through this effort you can get rid of the fear of death. Only when we know our atma, we get rid of the fear that we are the body, we may lose it. Only when we get rid of selfishness and self interest of the body consciousness, you can rise to divine levels. When a child is born, he cries, “Koham? Who am I?” and his parents tell him you are the body, this is your name and so on, however all this is untrue. By the grace of a guru, he will eventually understand the truth. The child then himself says that I am not this body and finally, realises his eternal self, atma, and says, “I am atma, Soham.” One who knows God will become God Himself. We have to put in our effort and depend on God for the results. Until we attain whatever we have asked for, we should persist in our effort. You have asked for something: till you get it, don’t give up!

Shivarathri is a very sacred festival. It is a day on which spiritual effort is very easy. In the night, the mind is controlled by the moon. When it is a new moon day, to some extent, we can control the mind. When you conquer the mind, you can also control the senses. While chanting bhajans, ask yourselves, “Who am I? – I am that Chidananda, the eternal bliss.” I am not mind, body and senses; I am not the eyes, ears or nose; I am not any of the elements like the sky; I am the embodiment of awareness and bliss. My reality is awareness, bliss, and truth not this body, mind, senses or the elements.” Therefore, all of you should move from ignorance and scientific knowledge towards spiritual wisdom.