Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who are you serving when you serve the Annapoorna children? – Divine Discourse Summary – Fourth Year Anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust – December 28, 2019

When you serve someone, you truly serve God. Of all the people, if you serve children, that is dearest to God. When we look after them well, we are sure that the world will be better tomorrow. (Annapoorna) today has grown to encompass and embrace 4 lac children. Behind every number of 4 lac, there is a child who is hungry, who is tired; there is a mother who is unhappy that she could not feed the child that day; there is a father whose helplessness stands behind this number; there is a teacher who feels terrible about not being able to educate the child well because the child is hungry. Therefore, when you feed every child, you truly are helping not just the child but the mother, the father and the teacher who are associated with that child every single day. 

 Annapoorna has a very simple motto: Let no child go to school hungry ever. No child means no child, whosever it might be, whichever country, whichever state, whichever town or village, it does not matter. Every single child is entitled to nutrition, to education and to health care. And if as a society, we cannot provide this to our children, then we have failed them in a big way. When you feed the breakfast, children are filled with gratitude for the society. Food that they eat today will be digested and discarded tomorrow but the love that has gone with food will become a part and parcel of their lives and this love is what will transform them and through them the society tomorrow. 

Whatever we do for the children, we should remember that we are doing it for God. When we do it with that attitude, it is service to them but for us it becomes Sadhana. There is no need to do any other Sadhana. If you can serve the children whole-heartedly and selflessly with love, there is no higher Sadhana than that. Don’t think that you are only serving breakfast. Through that breakfast, you are creating enthusiasm, self-confidence, inspiration, attitude to serve and sacrifice in them, that is a very important outcome of the Annapoorna Breakfast programme, you should know that. I wish and pray that as time passes, year after year, Annapoorna grows in its strength of volunteers, of teachers, of all the members who are associated with it in some way or the other and may more and more children be served and let us keep serving till every single child on the planet is fed a breakfast every single morning. Till then our work does not end. We keep going on. There is a long way to go but with Baba’s grace and with all our efforts, we are definitely going to achieve this someday.