Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who can be really happy? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri Celebrations – September 30, 2019 (Day 2)

Those who are having true knowledge, Vidya, not Avidya, they alone can be Prasannaha, means they alone can be happy in life. That which sees only one and not two is true Vidya. This is the Sanatana Dharma‘s message. So only the one who knows this truth of Sanatana Dharma, that there is only one and not two, alone can be happy. The truth is our Sanatana Dharma does not define us from the outside. It looks within. And within we are all one and the same. This is the idea which we as Indians first should understand and then must preach to the rest of the world because when there is no two, there is no conflict, there is no scope for any fight, there is no scope for any fear. How can I fear my own self? How can I fight my own self? How can I harm my own self? Because this is also me, that is also me. This idea once the world gains, all the conflicts, the problems, the difficulties in the world will come to an end. 

Today we are all very fortunate. In this beautiful spiritual purest of the times, Sharada Ritu, in the Navarathri time, we are having Mahapurusha samshraya. Manushyatvam mumukshatvam we already had. But with that we cannot attain. We need a Mahapurusha samshraya, we need the guidance of a noble person, a person who knows the truth alone can guide us. So in this context, many great people have arrived here, many knowledgeable people, noble people, many spiritual masters are coming in the next nine days. Pay attention. Shraddhavan labhate jnanam. Listen with Shraddha and not just listen. Shravanam, mananam, nidhidhyasanam. Listen, go back, contemplate on the words that have been spoken and then practise it in your daily life.

Such wonderful things have been spoken. On one side, Shri Muniyappa has said that if we can become servants of the society, then our life is worth. A word to our Mahantji. The work that you are doing especially for children who are disadvantaged, this is Manava Seva which is nothing but Madhava Seva. Our Swamiji is not just speaking spiritual truths. Along with that, with the feeling of Seva, he is running educational institutions especially for poor children. He is also doing Seva for Gomata. Cows are a symbol of creation. She is next to mother. (Milk) comes from the udder of a selfless creature like cow. For the sake of others, they give milk. He is doing a lot of work to protect the cows and also to nourish this culture of compassion for our creatures. As children, as elders, as young people, let us put all our efforts especially in these nine days, let us put all our complete Shraddha, complete attention and focus in these activities and benefit from it.