Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who finally finds God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Homage to Sri Indulal Shah – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – May 18, 2019

Who is that kind of a person who amongst all those who put efforts to find God finally finds God? The one who acts all his life only for the sake of others. And rare are such beings, such souls whose life’s only mission is to do good for others in order to serve God. On his hundredth birthday, as we went to celebrate, I asked him what is that which he wants from Me? His answer has been and is been the same always, “Please order me, please command what else I can do for You.” At hundredth birthday also, the only thought that he had on his mind was what else I can do for Swami. 

Never in his life he brought any of his personal problems to Me. Sometimes Sarlama will write a letter or a request or a prayer and put it in his pocket but he will never take it out from his pocket and give it to Swami. It is Swami who had to put His hand into Indulal’s pocket and pull out the letter written by Sarlama otherwise he wouldn’t tell any of his problems, any of his family or personal problems to Swami even when he was having ill-health. He would tell, “Swami knows everything. Let us not disturb Swami with these things. Instead, let us ask Swami, what else He wants us to do for Him, what else we can do for Him.” That was the only thing he always thought about. He served Me with his body when the body was there, he served Me with his mind – Mana – when Mana was there, he served Me with his Dhana when Dhana was there, everything that he ever had he always thought it belonged to Swami and offered it for Swami’s work in furthering the cause of service to humanity.

 It is a great example for all the children, the students, the staff, teachers and devotees to emulate. My devotee never perishes. Through Tyaga Amrutatva manushuhu, he has become immortal today. You may or may not believe but that is the truth that both Sarlama and Indulal are together in Satyaloka. For they don’t want to merge with Me, they want to see My glory grow day by day and enjoy watching this play, this Leela of Swami that is unfolding in such a mysterious way. I have assured them that at the right time in the right place under right situation – Desha kala paristhithi – both of them will reincarnate again to serve Swami further in His next Avatar. Their names shall remain immortal and they shall be remembered always as long as Satya Sai Baba’s name is there in this world, Indulal and Sarlama’s name will remain like sun and the moon.