Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who has the right to show their face to God in holy places like Kedarnath and Badrinath? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 14, 2018

It was the experience of the Rishis of the yore as well as those of today that ultimate peace lies in the experience of the Divinity that we all are. Peace is something that cannot be attained by the people in the ways of the world. But how do we get this peace? What do we give God in exchange of which He is going to grant us peace? What is the currency? What is the item or the thing that we have to give God against which He will grant us His property which is peace? Only when one is prepared to sacrifice can one attain peace – eternal peace. Endless peace comes to the one who sacrifices. The one who sacrifices for the sake of others, the one who leads life selflessly for the benefit of others, attains – and, not only attains but experiences – this endless peace forever. The best way to please God is to love all, serve all.  

The devotees who accompanied Swami on the Yatra are those who have stood up for this principle of sacrifice and they have done everything in the best of their capacities to provide education, nutrition, health to others. Therefore, they have the right to show their face to the Lord because they have done everything they can in order to serve Lord in fellow beings.  Because by this continuous sacrifice and service, their heart has become fertile, their heart has become soft, their heart has become pure; therefore, the experience of Divinity has come to them when they visited these places of importance. They all told, “Swami, we are so grateful, we express our gratitude for having brought us to this great pilgrimage. What else we can do to express our gratitude and thankfulness to You?” I told them, “You continue to love people more, serve people more now that you have experienced the oneness of everything that all are one. Use this to do more.” All the time, everywhere, in all possible ways you must keep serving God. 

It is Swami’s desire, it is Swami’s wish that all of you must participate in whatever capacity that you have in removing the suffering of the fellow beings and providing them peace and happiness which is what we are supposed to do when we live on this earth. Truly the service of mankind is service of the Lord, those serving the beings is equivalent to serving the one who resides within. Therefore, through service, attain God, attain that eternal peace, that by attaining which no more desires are left, no more anxiety or fears trouble us. That kind of peace we must attain by sacrificing and serving others.